Astrology Prediction : Query by GGK (G G K), from Kundara (India), currently at Madurai (India)

Name : G G K (GGK)
Date of Birth : 03-07-1979
Date of Query : 01-06-2017
Time of Birth : 21:40 Hrs (IST)
Time of Query : 16:00 Hrs (IST)
Place of Birth : Kundara (India)
Place of Query : Madurai (India)
Query : Dear sir, I would like to know about my job related. I have been going through one of the toughest time in my carrier. Need to know , when my job related issues will get settle, Will I have any issue with retaining my present job,

GGK (G G K),
According to Vedic astrology my observations are as follows:
1. At the time you have raised this question – it is movable sign, indicating situation may change.
2. Profession has clear confusion and your advantages are not in comfortable position. Question is strong, but profession is forming indirect combination, hence if you can change your attitude and avert distraction from the work, along with (if any allegation is imposed) then it is your job to give justified reply (if any allegation is imposed)- because I am going as per the indication from Horary chart. This is not the birth chart.
3. Chances of problems may be minimized for a while or may seem so, but may back fire due to retrograde Jupiter. It’s an alert.
I am bit disappointed because the way you could not give me all details in one shot, similarly chances are that you may lack in proper communication. Be watchful.


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