Astrology : Retrograde Planets and their impact

Retrograde Planets

First of all, we must see why planets are Retrograde (for us). Normally they are moving forward, but for us they are Retrograde.  We are on earth, and planets are moving around Sun. When, any planet is moving back side of Sun, is called as Retrograde, certainly for us impacts are different.
These are studied in Indian conditions. So, in various part of the earth is also applicable, but in certain cases, there may slight variation due to Local culture etc. (Desh/Kaal/Patra means country, period and person basis)
I am giving few of the results from the studies of Retrograde planets in Natal chart.

1. Retrograde Mars – It’s a planet for Energy, will give extra energy to the natal. Mars Retro in a female chart – Will prefer younger partner, and may be violent in sex. If Mars is Retro, in 4th house with Moon, possibility of 2 mothers or death or separation from 1st Mother and then 2nd Mother (Repetition of activity), condition is malefic aspect from Saturn.
2. Retrograde Mercury – Strong in Mathematics, Commerce, Philosophy, Psychology, interested in new researches., but in Malefic connections reverse the activities. Will prefer to move fast, such as- fast driving, fast walking, and fast talking or talkativeness.
3. Retrograde Jupiter – Extra strong knowledge or reverse (depends on connectivity)
Jupiter in the sign of Venus- is dangerous (can increase sexual crimes during retro Jupiter in transit if in the sign of Venus) – particularly, in 7th house of the chart.
4. Retrograde Venus – Indicates Lust, Retro Venus indicates – Criminal or saint or we can say, will not follow the rules guided by society (Good or bad rules).
5. Retrograde Saturn – Either extra ordinary patience or no patience. At times, they will blame to self.

Exalted Retrograde will give good results and debilitated retrograde will give unexpected results, phobia, etc.

5th Lord or 9th Lordship of Retro planets are considered as good, beneficial.
These results are mainly expected in their Dasha.
Note: These are few results from the study.


  1. Sir,
    If a planet is retrograde, in rashi sandhi as well as gandmool then what is its significance? Mine is Mars at 29 degree 58 minutes in Karka retrograde with Meen lagna.
    Also tell about planets in rashi sandhi (not retrograde). Mine is Moon at 29 deg 57 minutes in Mithun for Meen lagna. But it is Vargottama in Navamsha.
    Best Regards,
    R M Deshpande


  2. Sir,

    What is the effect of retrograde exalted saturn in 10th house for a capricorn ascendant? Does it bring about many obstacles in a natives professional/business life? I`m nearing mid 30s and still struggling in professional life. Thanks


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