Astrology Prediction : Query by Briana Head, from Chicago (IL-USA)

Name : Briana Head
Date of Birth : 22-07-1992
Date of Query : 12-03-2017 (First time)
Time of Query : 12:30 Hrs (LST)
Time of Birth : Unknown
Place of Birth : Chicago (IL- USA)
Place of Query : Chicago (IL-USA)
Query : What Will happen between me and Frank Riley?

Briana Head,
According to Vedic astrology and Horary study my observations are as follows:
1. At the time you have raised this query initially, it was Gemini sign rising – a dual sign, heading for movable sign, so chances may change in coming days.
2. Relationship lord is in conjunction with the lord question lord but retrograde and having clear connection with the lord of marriage or long relationship but again retrograde.
I feel chances of long relationship may be in reversal mode. Whatever situation is on date may change in different ways – may be in coming period.
Since, you have not mentioned name of the country, indicates that possibly you are over confidant, which may irritate the other person or may force the other person to work more for you which is not a good sign


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