Astrology Prediction : Query by Geethu, from Kochi (India)

In reply to geethu on 17-04-2015.
Name : Geethu
Date of Birth : 20-07-1986
Time of Birth : 07:20 Hrs (IST)
Place of Birth : Kochi (India)
Query : Sir am a hindu girl, i wanna know when i will get married? will it be this year?

According to Vedic astrology my observations are as follows:
1. Cancer ascendant, Moon is in the house of health, enemies etc. but birth is in Shukla paksha, so malefic influence on Moon is reduced. Moon is in conjunct with Mars retrograde, and this Mars is afflicting ascendant lord and ascendant, indicating that at times you may be feeling low, or health related issues, cough and cold or other issues may be disturbing you. Sun and Mercury retrograde is in ascendant, good for technical purpose, but check your aggression in nature if any or at times sudden anger (if any).
2. Spouse house lord is Saturn retrograde, but no auspicious connection for spouse house or its lord. So, some complications may be observed either at the time of fixing marriage or during married life. Saturn is giving strength to own house, so will protect this house, possibility of delay in marriage is expected according to traditional values.
3. Currently you are passing through Mahadasha of Moon and anterdasha of Jupiter and Pratyanter of Rahu, all the three planets are capable of giving marriage. Either before August 2015 or will be delayed by more than 2 years or so.
You have availed above mentioned query on 17-04-2015, so for further queries you can avail paid service.



  1. Sorry i hardly remember about posting such query earlier. I think i never came across your reply. Thanx for the reply. Its been two years sodo i have a chance now? How can i get a paid consultation?


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