Astrology Prediction : Query by Joy Gomez, from Manila (Philippines)

Name : Joy Gomez
Date of Birth : 24-11-1982
Time of Birth : 22:30 Hrs (LST)
Place of Birth : Manila (Philippines)
Date of Birth of Husband : 11-10-1978
Time of Birth : 15:15 Hrs LST)
Place of Birth : Quezon (Philippines)
Query : When will I conceive my first child?

Joy Gomez,
According to Vedic astrology my observations are as follows:
1. Cancer ascendant (whole sign basis), Lord Moon is in the house of miseries, but birth in Shukla paksha (Moon heading for full Moon), so Goddess is blessing you. Jupiter is also blessing this Moon. But ascendant is afflicted by the lord of spouse and Gynecology area.
2. Progeny house has lord of expenses with the lord of finance and wealth, indications are that you may have to incur expenses on child related issues.
3. Progeny house lord has moved to the house of disturbance, with Ketu and exchanging aspect with Rahu. Indications are that clear that trouble in progeny or with child/children.
4. This lord of progeny is afflicting your personality too. Indications are that due to children related issues, you may be disturbed.
5. Complications in your horoscopes are high. Currently you are passing through period of Saturn and sub period of Rahu, distance wise both are placed nicely, but indications are that due to progeny related issues, this period may give some expenses related to plan a family, but these planets are not auspicious. You can try for progeny, but affliction is high.
It will be better to look for medical support.
Transit of Saturn is supporting, but transit of Jupiter will bless after some time. I have not tested horoscope of your husband and also not tested Navmansha chart and saptansha chart (specific chart of progeny), since it’s a free service.


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