Astrology Observations : Current Position for Sushree Mayawati

Current Position for Sushree Mayawati (As on 26-10-2016 and coming period election Purpose)

Currently Bahujan Samajwadi Party leader Sushree Mayawati is passing through Mahadasha of Mercury, which is malefic for her horoscope and during this Dasha, she lost many seats for Parliamentary election in 2014. Dasha started in May 2013. Anterdasha lord is Venus, which is placed in chhidra house. Forming 2/12 status with Mahadasha lord and anterdasha lord (from 18-10-2016). This may give some sudden advantage too, but will that be so strong to give her power in state election polls? That’s a big question.

This period may give lack of internal happiness. Opposition parties may be cause of concern in coming days. It will be better to use her knowledgeable speech. She is having great knowledge, which she must use properly.

I feel this period during the first three or four months will be extremely good for her. Mahadasha lord and anterdasha lords are not very comfortable for this horoscope.

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