Daily Forecast : Your day – January 3rd, 2017

Daily Forecast based on Signs for January 3rd, 2017

Aries (Mesh Rashi)

Success and achievements can be your, but it will be better to keep emotion under control. Writers and persons involved in IT, web blogging can do better. Lower portion from chest – may have some problem, if it is then take doctor’s advice. Spouse is supporting you. Enjoy the day with support of spouse. Legal issues must be handled carefully.

Taurus (Vrishabh Rashi)

Dedication for the work/profession is good. You can do better, just keep your nerves under control. Issues related to health, stomach and eyes may be bit disturbing. Financial status may show some ups and downs. Bank status will be clear after a week. Maintain good relationship with child/children. Seniors may show some dissatisfaction or comment which you may not like. Spouse is also supporting.

Gemini (Mithun Rashi)

Results and ambitions are important, but do not think at the time of work. Otherwise, karmas will be influenced by the pressure of ambitions and results, which may spoil your output. Family is under pressure. Your spouse is handling all issues and supporting you for the professional front. Financially period is satisfactory. s

Cancer (Kark Rashi)

Statements should not be rough or misleading. Otherwise impact will be on you, which may hurt your emotions and thus, desired goal will not be achieved. Travel on the cards. Planning to go to abroad, go ahead. Documentation – please check properly. For loans, etc. –  is possible. It will be better to check your requirement and repayment structure properly.

Leo (Sinh Rashi)

Aggressive nature may give some issues, which may affect professional front. It will be nice, if you can understand value of commitment. Otherwise such tendency will harm you. Housing issues may be resolved after third week of January. Aggression will detach you with your colleagues and employees/partners.

Virgo (Kanya Rashi)

Competitiveness is good. Professional front will be comfortable, just balance your pace of work and thoughts. Give some time to family and have fun with them. If you want to plan for family or better to say that you want to have child, then go ahead. Planning to go to abroad, go ahead. Time will help you. Sports persons and technical persons for media and communication can do much better.

Libra (Tula Rashi)

If you are planning to propose for marriage, then it’s a time, suggestion is – better to be polite at the time of proposing. If you have any addiction, it will be better to check such issue, otherwise in next six month you may have to face some trouble. Travelling chances are good. Plan and execute. Housing issues can be solved.

Scorpio (Vrishchik Rashi)

Arrogance and aggressive attitude may give some trouble. Financially period is better, but expenses may be bit high or payments may be bit slow etc. Family front may be cause of some disturbance, hence professional front may also be not as good as it should have been. Immunity and courage with efforts are highlights for you. Travel can give some happiness.

Sagittarius (Dhanu Rashi)

It will be better to check your expenses at least till the last week of January. I feel that after this period situation for health-related issues, laziness and unnecessary statements will improve. Chances of financial growth will support you. As on date chances are in your favour. It will be better to utilize this period. Importantly you can go for fun with family and spouse too.

Capricorn (Makar Rashi)

Avoid rough tone. Businesspersons involved with foreign nations may be good. Share market traders must be watchful. Gains are not good. Trade with strict stop-loss. Enjoy with sibling. Pressure for ambitions and achievement is good, but should not influence your personality or should not pressurise for more than the desired levels.

Aquarius (Kumbh Rashi)

Time for betterment in achievements are at around the corner. Whatever you have done for past two and half years, I feel that you may get judiciously reward for the same. Do, not give false hopes or commitment to anyone, otherwise even your child will be annoyed from you and start blaming. Share market traders may have to trade wisely.

Pisces (Meen Rashi)

Emotional disturbances resulting sleepless nights or disturbance in sleep or in bedroom may give some negative impact on your day working. Avoid arguments and irritated attitude. Extreme of anything is not good. Spouse is supporting and giving your moral support for your karmas. If you intend to go to abroad for studies – rethink today. Chances are there but suggestion is to think once again. Situation may improve after 25 days.



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