Astrology Guidance : Query by Parijat Adhikari, from Jamshedpur (India)

Name : Parijat Adhikari
Date of Birth : 09-01-1982
Time of Birth : 22.20 Hrs (India)
Place of Birth : Jamshedpur (India)
Query : 1)I quitted my job & would be going to Kenya this dec end,will I be able to get a good job there?
2)I have a flat which I urgently want to sell,when will that happen.

Parijat Adhikari,
According to Vedic astrology my observations are as follows:
Since only one query is possible so, I am replying only one query of my choice.
1. Virgo ascendant and lord Mercury is in conjunction with Venus lord of fortune is in the house of past karmas. Indicating that Mercury can give judicious results according to the karmas you had done. Ascendant has Mars (malefic) and Saturn, indicating your aggression and arrogance, which may influence your family life too.
2. House of housing is afflicted due to the Lunar eclipse, indicates regarding your disturbance related to house and family + happiness. Which you have to learn (if required)
3. You are passing through Mahadasha of Mercury and anterdasha of Venus, indicating that it’s a period of your own thought, current period of pratyanter is not suitable for selling the house and may give bit lower price. Better period for selling the house will be after 15-05-2017.
Only one query is possible on this free service platform.



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