Astrology : Pakistan in current Position

Pakistan in current Position

Pakistan is passing through Mahadasha (Period) of Moon, which is placed in its own house of Public, opposition parties. Indicating that impact on Public, ministry and opposition leaders can be seen or impact of ministry or opposition’s tussle can be observed during this Mahadasha (Period). Time to time Agriculture can be good and in some anterdashas due to heavy rain or natural calamities or some other ways of disturbances caused due to human being will be affecting the public etc.

Currently, Pakistan is passing through anterdasha (sub-period) of Mars which is in 2/12 axis from the Mahadasha lord. Mars indicates lord of ascendant or ruler, normally Mars is for Military or defence services, that’s why Pakistan has control of Army ruler (Mainly/directly or indirectly).

Now time is indicating that their relationship with the neighbouring countries will be disturbed, due to their own rulers, but this may be harmful for them, reason is Mars is representing chhidra house (house of miseries/uncertainties etc.).

Till December 2016, period may not be comfortable for them even if they go for war. Next period may see some issues/disturbances related to their own states (internal problems) or by the disturbing elements (human beings).

Their rulers may try to look for Military options (directly or indirectly) to handle neighbouring nation(s), but will not be good for them as reason is already described above.

I feel that Pakistan must capitalize this period for the benefit of their agriculture, trade and commerce.

Venus is passing through Nakshtra of Ashlesha, second Pad, indicating trouble for public, political personalities and assembly etc. This may cause impact like tumour that means this can give some trouble to their Parliamentary system.



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