Astrology Prediction : US Presidential Election 2016 – Hillary Clinton Vs. Donald Trump

US Presidential Election 2016

Hillary Clinton Vs. Donald Trump

Hillary Clinton has Gemini ascendant and enjoying good yoga, with Venus and Sun. Mahadasha (Period lord) is Moon and placed in the house of profession – karma, can give good position and Anterdasha (Sub-period lord) is Jupiter which is placed in the house of competition with Ketu. This placement is at the decent distance from Period (Mahadasha lord), indicating that fortune for the profession/position is comfortable.

Now Pratyanter dasha (Sub-sub period lord) is again Moon, which indicates that chances of enjoying new responsibility related to Profession/achievements.

Donald Trump has Leo ascendant and Mars in ascendant. Mars is important for the period of election because is influencing this period as anterdasha lord (Sub period lord). Mahadasha lord Rahu (Period lord North node) is in the influence of Sun, in the house of profession, placement is good but due to combust position this period lord is unable to give good position. Sub-Sub period lord is Moon and is close to Ketu (south node). This position is clearly indicating – position eclipse in profession – position etc.

Eclipse in the position of profession and happiness etc. may give tough time to Donald Trump.

I feel that Hillary Clinton has better chances in comparison to Donald trump. This conclusion is based on the planetary position and current dashas of both the candidates.



  1. I think you will be proved wrong!
    As per nadi jyotish Trump has a better and most certain chance of winning. Hillary will loose. Lets see .


    • I will have no hesitation if my observations will be on the other side, but again nadi jyotish may have to be ready for the otherwise decision. MY observations are based on the time of birth available on the net and accordingly dashas. When we are giving our observations, that means mentally we are ready to face the result of the either side. 🙂
      Sandeep thanks for your concern and I am sure that thumb impressing of Clinton and Trump (for Nadi Jyotish) must have justified all previous events true from the script of Tadpatra.


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