Astrology Prediction : Query by Soonita, from Oberhausen (NRW-Germany)

Name : Soonita
Date of Birth : 24-09-1988
Time of Birth : 11:38 Hrs (LST)
Place of Birth : Oberhausen (NRW-Germany)
Query : There is no progress in my life at all. No job, difficulties in family etc. The aspect effecting me the most is my relationship. I have not seen the person that I love in 2 years and there has been A lot of hurt, pain and several separations. Will we meet again? Will he be my life partner?
(Soonita, I can respond only one query on free service platform, hence picking up Job)

According to Vedic astrology my observations are as follows:
1. Libra ascendant (whole sign basis) and lord Venus is in the house of profession, indicating your approach for profession, but this Venus represents house of miseries, suddenness etc., so impact can be seen in profession, at times you may feel quick changes or some or other issues, in spite of your own efforts.
2. You have to re-check your approach.
3. Currently you are passing through a period of Saturn and Venus, chances can be for your job opportunity, possibly contractual jobs or some other related to analysis etc. which you can avail for a while. You have to improve efforts as well competitiveness. Which is very important. You are losing opportunities and gains too. It will be better if you can connect yourself with Hospital or foreign lands etc.



  1. thank you. But I am not referring to western astrology either. I am talking about vedic or sidereal. Many of the software but also astrologers say that I am a Libra but also which say Scorpio. I don’t know whether you have worked with a software but I would be grateful if somebody could calculate it correctly according to some books and also considering the daylight savings time. there seems to be some confusion and it also alters the predictions and the dashas completely.


  2. thank you for the reply. After careful consideration and looking at books some astrologers have told me that I am actually Scorpio ascendant. Is there anything to say about my relationship. Currently I am very worried sth might have happened to him.


    • I have worked on whole sign basis and accordingly Libra ascendant. You have worked on Western pattern, which is not based on whole sign basis. Planetary positions for other houses will also be different. Accordingly I gave my observations.


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