Astrology Prediction : Querry by Neha Sharma, from Jaipur (India)

Name : Neha Sharma
Date of Birth : 12-12-1990
Place of Birth : Jaipur (India)
Time of Birth : 02:00 Hrs (IST)
Query : sir i have pimples and acnes and oily skin.after lot of treatment it could not be cured.problems are coming in marriage.plz suggest some remedy plz

Neha Sharma,
According to Vedic astrology my observations are as follows:
1. Virgo ascendant and lord Mercury is in the house of family with Saturn and Venus, indicating possibility in delay of marriage. Moon is in ascendant. Charming face with good eyes. Keep a check on your language (should not be abusive). Please lord Ganesha and Shankar to enjoy their blessings for charm and skin etc. Avoid fickle thinking.
2. Chance of marriage are running, issue is that Mahadasha lord and anterdasha lord are not at comfortable distance. Still they can give. Better chances will develop after 29-04-2018 (again distance between Mahadasha lord Jupiter and Mercury is not good).
Vishnu pooja will be good for marriage or Brihaspati Pooja properly. I have not studied your Navmansha chart (specific chart for marriage), since it’s a free service.



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