Forecast : Jupiter Moving to Virgo sign on 11-08-2016 at 21:18 Hrs (IST)

Jupiter Moving to Virgo sign on 11-08-2016 at 21:18 Hrs (IST)

Effect on Natals (for next around 13 months) based on Ascendant or Moon Sign Basis

 Aries (Mesh) –

Jupiter is connecting house of foreign lands, Hospital, Ashram and Prison etc. This impact is on direct aspect. So, this may give issues related to the mentioned areas. At the same time Jupiter is placed in the bhagyasthan of Profession and giving blessings to profession and finance, hence profession and financial issues may be better. If you are looking for loans etc. then chances are good. It will be better to give more focus on competitiveness and health related issues.

Taurus (Vrishabh) –

Jupiter moved to the trine and giving direct aspect on the house of gains (own house), Judiciary, religion, father and fortune etc. with blessings to ascendant. Indications are clear that period for this sign will be good. They must be prepared to give their best and avail maximum advantage for the achievements. Reason is strength will be good and well supported by fortune etc. If you intend to change the job, then it will be better to get proper letter of offer, only then leave the job. Children and education may be active.

Gemini (Mithun) –

Period for profession will be good, time to utilize properly. Housing related activities can be seen. Looking for foreign trips, are also possible. Till January 2017, areas related to Hospital, abroad, expenses, deep research related, occult science and for Doctors, auditors etc. may be good or better to say important. It will be wise to capitalize this period properly. Profession will be important during this 13 months of stay of Jupiter in this Virgo sign.

Cancer (Kark) –

This period may give travels, but it will be better to use your courage and efforts properly. If you can do so, then fortune will be supporting strongly. Otherwise support from fortune will be seen, but to get the best support from fortune give best of your efforts. Activities related to gains and sibling(s) and marriage/spouse will be decent. Chances of long or small trips are on the cards. You can achieve your goals, but for that give your best of efforts.

Leo (Sinh) –

Activities related research, vigilance or HR, petroleum, auditing, sudden gains etc. will be seen during the year. Possibility of activities related finance, Profession and health related, legal issues or enemies may be active. It will be interesting to see activities in profession (importantly till January 2017). Use this period properly. If you are looking for financial support or loans etc. then chances are good. It will be better to take care of health related issues at least till January 2017.

Virgo (Kanya) –

Marriage, spouse, partners, progeny, children, education and fortune will be highlight for the year. Your aura will be good. Keep your weight under control. If you are looking for long travels, plan and move according to your choice. Importantly activities for education, sports, children, progeny and fortune with father can be good. But importance of long travels cannot be ignored.

Libra (Tula) –

Hurdles and health related issues, legal issues may be there but possibilities are that you may be able to keep them under control. Movements can be seen in your residential place or activities can be seen in relation with foreign related issues, hospital, hermitage or prison or expenses etc. If you are going for loan, it will be better to be very calculative otherwise this may give waste of loan amount.

Scorpio (Vrishchik) –

Activities related ambitions, education, progeny, children, spiritualism, writing, publications, sibling(s) etc. It will be good period for marriage related activities or with spouse. It will be wise to plan your goals and give proper efforts. So that results according to your desire can be achieved. If you will be casual or over-confident then results may not be as desired. If you want to go to increase family, it’s a time to go ahead.

Sagittarius (Dhanu) –

It’s a period for happiness, family, housing and assets related activities. Professional activities can be seen, with financial events. If you intend to change your job then use this period of around one year. Financial activities will be strong at least till January 2017. It will be better to be careful for your health related activities. Period may be good for maternal side. If you want to go for a house, then go ahead, period is good.

Capricorn (Makar) –

Your persona will be strong, for students – good for studies and persons looking for child can also plan for the baby. Period will be decent for children, sibling and efforts etc. You can use your hobbies, working person on internet may be enjoy this coming period. Internally you may be feeling strong, keep a check on your ego etc. If you are looking for Visa etc. then chances will be better. Go for travels with family. If you are involved in book writing or any other type of writing or communication work, use this period.

Aquarius (Kumbh) –

Jupiter is indicating that financial matters may get sudden movements. This period may give sudden gains. Change in residential place. If you are looking for a trip to abroad officially or linked with profession, chances are better before January 2017. It will be better to be careful in your financial transactions.

Pisces (Meen) –

Good period expected. Personality and health is expected to be good. Achievements, success, gains etc. will be following this year. Utilize this period. Keep a check on your ego (if it increases). Period related to marriage purpose will be good. If you are married then enjoy good time with spouse. Your hobbies etc. will also be good. Better period for sibling(s). Communication will also be better. Till January 2017 – use this period for success and achievements and also give your best efforts. This period may be good for your sibling(s) too. Planning to go for travels – go ahead.

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