Astrology Prediction : Query by Padmini, from Palakollu (India)

Name : Padmini
Date of Birth : 03-02-1987,
Date of Birth : 11:30 Hrs (IST)
Place of Birth : Palakollu (India)
Query : Married since 6 years,Want to know when i will conceive n get my kids in which year.husband dob details not available.

According to Vedic astrology my observations are as follows:
1. Aries ascendant and lord Mars is in the house of bedroom, foreign lands and health related issues with Moon, Jupiter and Rahu.
2. Progeny house has aspect of Mercury which is heading for debilitated sign no auspicious aspect is supporting house of progeny. Lord Sun has also no auspicious connection. Jupiter which signifies progeny is very weak just 0 degree and 06 minutes. Progeny lord is bandhan yog.
3. Saturn from the chhidra house is afflicting house of progeny.
4. Dasha wise you are passing though a period of Venus and sub period of Jupiter, this can give progeny, but promises from the natal chart is not strong. Either support from your husband or other chart from your horoscope like Navmansha and Saptanshha may confirm progeny related status (since I have not studied such charts because it’s a free study).


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