Nifty Prediction : Market is moving ahead may look for next Nifty level of 7750

Daily Forecast – Share Market – March 22nd, 2016

Market is moving ahead may look for next Nifty level of 7750

Saturn is still in lead with support of Venus. Sun, Mercury, Rahu and Ketu are playing their role during the day. Mercury is Just 1 degree and 41 mins. away from Sun, so is in the shadow of Sun, will not be able to give whatever
can do to protect own house of share market. Indicating that in coming days this Mercury will not be in a position to give direction to the market, fortunately this period will be during holidays.

Saturn is also losing its speed (for us) and is heading for retrograde position, so be the end of the month we may see changes in many segments, which may influence share market. Mercury is indicating that companies involved in share market will also be doing better.

Defence, engineering, sugar, textiles, silk, chemicals and power with communication, IT and petroleum related products can be doing better. Products related to housing sector may be better.

Small-caps and middle caps can be doing better.

Indian Currency

Indian Rupee may trade in between 66.20 to 67.00 per USD.

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** Before investing or trading please check technical aspects also, it’s a reading based on planetary movements.



  1. Merc is combust and debilitate, Jup(R) is with Rahu, sat is heading for retro, which factor is supporting share mkt.


    • Mercury is giving strength to own house of share market of india’ s horoscope.
      Neech can go to any limit to protect own house.
      Total combustion of Mercury will be during holidays. Only tomorrow Mercury will be very close to combustion.


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