Astrology Prediction : Query by Nidhi, from Khurja (India)

Name : Nidhi
Date of Birth : 16-05-1986
Time of Birth : 04:55 Hrs (IST)
Place of Birth : Khurja (India)
Question: Can I expect a good job by next year or so with foreign travel?

According to Vedic astrology my observations are as follows:
1. Aries ascendant and lord Mars is in the house of fortune/long travels and afflicting house of foreign lands too. Rahu and Mercury are in the ascendant, indicating at times you are bit confused or extra-ordinarily focused. No auspicious connection with ascendant and its lord.
2. You are passing through Mahadasha of Venus lord of finance and in the house of finance – giving good strength to finances, anterdasha of Rahu is in ascendant but is in 2/12 axis, take care of health etc. avoid confusions (if any), use your intellect.
3. Better chances of job opportunity will be after 20-11-2017 in desired manner. I have not studied your specific professional chart, since it’s a free service.


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