Astrology Prediction : Query by Nisha, from Chiplun (India)

Name : Nisha
Date of Birth : 27-11-1982
Time of Birth : 16:30 Hrs (IST)
Place of Birth : Chiplun (India)
Query : Please advise when are good prospects for new job & relocation ?

According to Vedic astrology my observations are as follows:
1. Aries ascendant and lord Mars is in the house of fortune, good placement, but lord of fortune has exchanged its position with the house of miseries. Saturn lord of profession and ambitions etc. is afflicting ascendant lord and ascendant lord from the house of spouse.
2. Your Mahadasha lord Venus is in the house of miseries and suddenness this can give termination of job, contractual jobs or changes in the job etc. Better to say bit uncertainty. Anterdahsa lord is Mercury again in conjunction with Venus – this combination is forming 2/12 axis with the lord of profession which is lord of pratyanterdasha, so chances till 08-05-2016 are for job opportunity, only point is you have to forget casual efforts and casual competitiveness. Only then chances will give you opportunity.


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