Astrology Prediction : Bihar Elections 2015

Bihar election 2015

Mahagthbandhan was formed on 15-04-2015 at 17:00 Hrs (IST), with Virgo rising in ascendant. Lord of lagna is combust in eighth house not comfortable in Aries and with Mars. Indicating some complications are possible – internal disturbance or ego clashes can be seen in future.

Eighth house is forming vipereet raj yog, Vpereet raj yog is formed by Sun which is lord of Pratyanter dasha lord.

This party has capability of giving ruler or capability of king maker. Jupiter is binding aligns, but confusions among or ego or minute issues will be cause of concern.

Mahadasha lord Rahu is in lagna, great focus for the purpose, lord of partners is in exalted sign, giving strength to the align partner. Indications are that ambitions of coalition partners are very high, and directional confusions may be cause of concern in future.

Eighth house of the horoscope is strong but pratyanter dasha lord Sun is exalted – indications are for Vipereet raj yog or we can say that this party will be able to score advantages against their competitors, this is giving advantage to the Mahagathbandhan. Sukshma dasha lord Ketu is in the house of alliance so, some confusions can be seen or difference of opinion was seen or can be seen in future.

This Sukshma dasha lord is in 2/12 axis with pratyanter dasha. This is not a comfortable position, Prandasha of 08-11-2015 can be supportive. It’s a very positive point for Mahagathbandhan.


Now Bhartiya Janta Party, lagna lord is prandasha lord (on 08-11-2015) in the house of fortune exchanging aspect with Sukshma dasha lord Jupiter. But anterdasha lord and sukshma dasha lord are forming Rahu/guru chandal yog.

Mahadasha lord Sun is exchanging its position with sukshmadasha lord Jupiter (lord of karma/assembly). Only draw-back is speeches by the persons of party (lord of speech is debilitated) giving opportunities to the competitors. Efforts are good, and prandasha’s placement is in the house of fortune, so chances are not bad (Vote percent wise).

Most negative point is Moon in debilitated sign (lord of states and speeches/statement) is not in comfortable position or I can say creating some complications. But important is that this Moon is not in dasha cycle so, this can give a sign of relief to the party.

Sukshmadasha lord is Jupiter which is well controlling own political aligns and also blessing house of gains too.

These two horoscopes are well balanced.


Since NDA has not declared their candidate for CM position, so comparison of both horoscopes are not possible.

Anyways, we can see horoscope of Mr. Nitish Kumar, candidate projected by Mahagathbandhan.

Gemini ascendant and lord Mercury is in the house of fortune, gave good fortune and rajyog, this ascendant lord is with the lord of Mahadasha/anterdasha and lord of profession in the house of fortune etc.

Importantly pratyanter dasha lord which is in the house of profession is indicating some negativity because of its lordship, can give new responsibilities and also can detach from the current position, sukshmadasha lord is describing it as some dissatisfaction among mass or public etc. But neech Moon can give strength for competitiveness.

Prandasha is key, which can be either of Saturn/Mercury/Ketu or Venus.

If Saturn is playing as Prandasha then chances of detachment from the current position will be more, but if prandasha is Mercury may protect him, if Ketu is Mahadasha lord then may give a change of place – indicating negative chances.

Key is Prandasha lord.

I feel chances for BJP + may slightly be better. But capability of king maker position of Mahagathbandhan cannot be over-ruled.

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