Astrology Prediction : Will Bhartiya Janta Party be able to Form Government

Will Bhartiya Janta Party be able to Form Government 

Bhartiya Janta Party is passing through Mahadasha of Sun, which is in the house of karma, tenth house which is a very good position for Mahadasha lord Sun, because is digbali and at very close to max. digbal position. This Sun in this house indicates that Mahadasha can give them a party in position, important position in parliament, reputation and power.

From 06-05-2014 dasha cycle is Sun/Jupiter both have exchanged their position, again very good sign and its fact that Jupiter is retrograde but Jupiter is known for providing power. Jupiter is again lord of Parliament and karma this position indicates that efforts will be in good direction to get this position.

I feel it’s a time for Bhartiya Janta Party to set direction for the coming up long period.

Dashmansha chart shows that Jupiter retrograde in Libra sign is in the house of profession may be for this holding power BJP has to seek some support from a female or in simple term we can say that a female can play an important role for BJP during this period.

This Jupiter is also indicating that after this period of 06-05-2014, BJP may get more partners and that will be a key factor for the party, it’s also possible that some of the alliances may show some differences but at last for long-term purpose this will be sorted out.

I do not think any issue related to alliances will be difficult for the party. They may get support or alliance from unexpected parties or persons.

I feel, it’s a good period for Bhartiya Janta Party.

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