Astrology Prediction : Forecast India – December 26th, 2013

Daily Forecast India – December 26th, 2013

Ascendant lord Venus and judiciary lord Saturn are exchanging their house position and forming very strong relationship among them. Indications are that government may try to take certain steps for some judicial personality. Since, Venus is retrograde, and Cabinet lord Sun is afflicted by transiting Saturn, lord of Judiciary may give some decisions which may affect cabinet or some decisions.

Above mentioned may be possible before 08-01-2014. After that Venus will be a fallen planet, because will be in eighth house, so role of election commission may start after that, or announcement of elections will be possible in between 08-01-2014 to 02-02-2014.

We may see some new alliances during this one month period. We may see some more bills, which can be passed as an ordinance by government related to some foreign investments or deals related to armed forces or arms and ammunitions related deals.

Sports authorities’ lord is combust, so we may see some issue related to sports related authority may come to lime light.

Cabinet is also affecting common man, due to some of their working style or decision.

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