Astrology Prediction : Query by ABC, from Toronto, (Canada)

Name : ABC
Date of Question : 20-12-2013
Time of Question : 19:56 Hrs (LST) (Time quoted at first time)
Place of Question : Toronto (Canada)
Question: would I be able to walk away from the OSC investigation without any fine and sanctions (they can have sanctions like you can’t work in this industry for 5 years etc)?

According to Vedic astrology my observations are as follows:
1. At the time you have raised this query first round, was Cancer ascendant and lord Moon is placed in ascendant.
2. Legal issue lord Jupiter is retrograde and related with Judiciary or related issues, is placed in the house of detachment/expenses and forming relationship with the lord of finance Sun in the house of disturbance, legal disputes etc. Indicating possibility of financial loss, Lord of punishment is Mercury and is combust and also conjunct with lord of finance indicating possibility of some punishment and financial expenses are also possible.
3. Lord of Profession is Mars is placed in the house of communication and transiting through the nakshtra of Moon, but Moon is not forming any relation with lord of work.
4. Situation may not be comfortable.
Check your communications, and documentation part, otherwise situation may not be comfortable… indicating some financial fine and other sanctions are possible.
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