Astrology Prediction : Time to Book Profit may continue | Market emotions – depends on Foreign links

Daily Forecast – Share Market – December 13th, 2013

Time to Book Profit may continue | Market emotions – depends on Foreign links

Ascendant lord Venus is transiting through the Nakshtra of Venus, whereas Mars is also transiting through the Nakshtra of Sun, Mercury is lord of finance and share market is also conjunct with Sun, indicting importance of foreign related trade, Mars is afflicting house of foreign land, Ketu and Moon (emotion of the trade) is also in the same nakshtra and house of Ketu, linked with foreign lands, indicates that trade may be affected with foreign issues/market etc. Secondly emotion of the market is also at the time of opening may not support trade, so possibility of Profit booking or negative opening of Nifty may continue.

I will prefer to take care of Sugar related Industries because they may perform better, or by products of Sugarcane such as alcohol or spirits etc. or organic product related industries may be better.

IT, media, aviation and communication will depend on issues related to foreign trade.

Infrastructure, power and metals/minerals may be in trap due to some bandhanyog or due to some political or judiciary related issues. Similarly, sharemarket may also face some issues to come up. I will prefer to book profit and trade with stop-loss (strict).

Nifty may like to see some down trend.

Indian Currency

Indian Rupee may trade in between 61.0 to 62.25 per USD

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