Astrology Prediction : Day Belong to Political Activities| Religious & Media Personality with Judiciary

Daily Forecast India – December 6th, 2013

Day Belong to Political Activities| Religious & Media Personality with Judiciary

Ascendant lord Venus is transiting through the house of religion, judiciary and media related persons will be in lime light indications are Media related person and religion related person may have to face some Judicial or Administrative troubles and will be in lime light in media. Judiciary related person will also have to face trouble. Since, Venus is involved hence it is related to Women.

Lord of states has exchanged its house with Mars and Mars is indicating bill related to states and other issues may come, but these bills which may be linked with state and castes will give some or big trouble in the areas, because Mars is afflicting house of bills. Parliament lord is placed with Rahu, indicating that some Political conspiracy, or some bill motivated because of political reasons can disturb nation and parliament.

Ruling party may further dent their reputation due to some or other reasons after 16-12-2013.

New political relations are on the cards, hidden or open, because lord of friendship has exchanged its position with the lord of political parties, and lord of cabinet is also placed in the house of political friendship. Even administrative machinery can be used to hold or maintain relationships. This tactic will spoil image of ruling party after 16-12-2013. Political parties are affected due to Sun (ruler of cabinet, administration and other authorities).

After 10-15 days price hike is possible in Petroleum and Gas field.

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