Astrology Prediction : High Inflation | Political instability & Policies

Daily Forecast India – October 29th, 2013

High Inflation | Political instability & Policies

Mars lord of foreign related issues and policies is afflicting house of financial gains as well lord of the nation. Importantly emotion of the nation is on date involved in such matter because of poor national gains or we can say negative growth rate of the nation. This is hurting common man and inflation and national debts as well production growth.

Shortly we may see some judicial comments or statement either on cabinet, government or leader of the nation, although, lord of the Judiciary is combust, but is afflicting lord of that nation.

We may see some reverse moving political parties – I mean possibility of few political persons may change their stands and may like to take ‘U’ turn.

It’s a time for disturbance in weather, terrorist attacks, or natural calamity this forecast is not only for India, but for Global purpose. UK had already faced such disturbance and some other areas may also be affected in coming week.

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