Astrology Prediction : Opening may be positive | Volatile

Daily Forecast – Share Market – October 24th, 2013

Opening may be positive | Volatile

Mercury is trying to settle down in retrograde position, and will try to come in a positive zone, but due to wobbling status of Mercury, movement of share market may wobble – reflection of volatility, but due to slow speed of Mercury, volatility may not be so big or many may not realize.

Power, Vehicle, Media and entertainment related industries may show some movements, inflation will hurt sentiment of the market, so can give some disturbance in the positivity of the trade, but will be positive.

During such condition, always be prepared to book your profits in time. Wait and watch for proper move of the equity etc.

Since, movement may not be so high, so intraday traders may enjoy this day. Movement is crude oil or Petroleum Industry is expected. Bank nifty may also see some wobble or some banks may see positive moves.

Indian Currency

Indian Rupee may trade in weak zone. Once in a while may show some positive move, but inflation and foreign related issues may give negativity in Indian Rupee.

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