Astrology Prediction : Disturbed Neighboring Border (s) | Exchange of heavy Fire on Border may continue

Daily Forecast India – October 22nd, 2013

Disturbed Neighboring Border (s) | Exchange of heavy Fire on Border may continue

Mars is afflicting Venus in current situation is indicating that war like situations and heavy firing may further continue. Public on border area may have to suffer. Saturn and Rahu are also indicating that infiltration and terrorist activities may hurt public.

Cabinet may lose their strength or image in coming days. Minerals (coal) related issues may hurt image of cabinet or image of leader of the nation. Important period for Law and justice, because lord of justice and judiciary is Saturn but now a days is combust, slowly losing its strength for certain period.

Same Mars is indicating that new political friendships are expected or renewal of friendships may be possible in coming days or in recent days.

Inflation will go up, public has to suffer due to increasing inflation and rates of eatables. Petroleum products may see some changes.

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