Astrology Prediction : Judiciary may play role against Appeasement

Daily Forecast India – October 18th, 2013

Judiciary may play role against Appeasement 

It’s not a good period for the government (cabinet) or leader of the nation, because of some personalities, his or cabinet’s position may be in shadow. Venus is giving strength to its own house hence; strength of the nation is improving.

Lord of communication is at the 6 house distance from the lord of Judiciary, so issue related to communication may be in the news. Judiciary may give some decision on appeasement directions or decisions of the government.

In coming days Judiciary and government may lock their horns, issue can be linked with mines/minerals related issues. Public may have to suffer due to terrorist activities, agitations or any other related reason.

War like situation may continue. Use of artillery and heavy arms are possible on border.

Inflation may further go up in coming days. Job and employment related issues may be highlighted.

New Political issues and relationships (hidden also) may be under process.

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