Astrology Prediction : Tough time for Government | Heavy Fire at Border to Continue

Daily Forecast India – October 17th, 2013

Tough time for Government | Heavy Fire at Border to Continue

Sun, lord of government and administration is in the last degrees in the house of public and will be moving to its debilitated sign at 12:00 Hrs (IST). We can expect some tough time for government as well for the leader of the nation/cabinet. We can expect some taint on government or issues related to mines and minerals may hurt government in coming days.

As earlier mentioned that cabinet is becoming weak and affecting leader of the nation, but same Venus is giving strength to the nation. War like situations may continue.

Mercury lord of public is moving slow and daily losing its speed, this may affect slow reaction for the political parties or we can see wait and watch situation. New Political alliances and friendships will be under process. We can see some hidden alliances in coming days.

Weather disturbance, natural calamity or man created calamities are expected in recent period.

Inflation and further increase of some burden on public by government is expected soon. In coming days we can see some difference of opinion or disagreement between Judiciary and Government.

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