Astrology Prediction : Public Distribution System

Daily Forecast India – October 15th, 2013

Public Distribution System

As I had mentioned in my many earlier posts such as, and etc. that issues/scam related to supply distribution system may be exposed and on 14-10-2013, Aajtak news channel had exposed scam related to Public distribution system.

We can expect some big scam related to Public distribution system in coming days.

Cabinet is not in a position to give any statement or verdict on neighbouring border issues, exchange of fire or war like situation may further continue.

We have seen new political equations are forming and may further continue in coming days, ruling party may also have to rethink on their strategies to regain power, so we may see some more exposures as a hit and trial method from the ruling party side.

Weather disturbances, natural calamities and other calamities are further expected in next 72 Hrs. as Sun has entered in its last Navmansha of this sign and house.

Public unrest or some other agitation like situation can be seen in coming days.

Inflation is further increasing and may hurt common man but government is not is a position to respond properly or explain properly.

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