Astrology Prediction : Nation may be strong | Other issues may continue

Daily Forecast India – October 14th, 2013

Ascendant lord Venus is giving strength to its own house, indicating that in spite of many issues related to Border, natural calamity, agitations, inflation and communal and terrorist related activities, nation is now in better position to handle such situations. Mars is afflicting Venus, further creating issues on border or war like situations.

Judiciary may further interfere or give any direction or decision on Aviation related issue. New political equations can be seen in coming days. Lord of Political parties may be in down frame and may be affected by some legal norms. New cases can be seen in coming days, since Jupiter is giving aspect lord of house of gains and miseries and sudden activities indicates that these new cases can be for the political gains etc. or due to some political reasons.

Period of weather disturbance and natural calamities and man created issues (Globally) may further continue further.

Cabinet or leader of the nation may not be comfortable during this period.

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