Astrology Prediction : Volatility | Overall Movement may be not Much

Daily Forecast – Share Market – October 11th, 2013

Volatility | Overall Movement may be not Much

Mercury’s movement is slowing down but still 0 degree and 56 min, that means lord of the share market is may be not giving much movement at the time of closing bells we can say closing may be within 0.5%, but during the day time Nifty and Sensex may show some movement and Volatility because Lord of the share market is in conjunction with Rahu and Saturn and influenced by Jupiter lord of fluctuation, ups and downs etc. along with can give profits as well loss in gambling or share market. So, I believe Volatility in the market with Opening in positive zone.

Aviation, IT, Transport, hotel and tourism industry and communication etc. can give some movement and impact may be because of some foreign related news. Automobile tyre may also be giving some movement. Infrastructure industry, Power industry and mines and minerals may also give some movements.

Eatables, agriculture and petroleum may give some movements. Some news related to Petroleum ministry or companies may give change in this industry.

Indian Currency

Indian Rupee will try to regain its position but volatility in Rupee will be seen.  Rupee may move within 61 to 62.25 ranges for the current period.

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