Astrology Prediction : War like situation(s) | Local Disturbances

Daily Forecast India – October 9th, 2013

War like situation(s) | Local Disturbances

Ascendant lord Venus is afflicted in seventh house by the lord of seventh house Mars, indicating that war like situations may continue with the neighboring country(s). Government or Leader of nation will further lose their image in this respect, whereas armed forces or General of the armed forces may give better image to the nation.

Satrun-Rahu conjunction is clearly indicating unrest in the nation and national debt position is not comfortable. Government may implement some bill or introduce some more levies to recover debts, which may further give trouble to public. Jupiter and Rahu are in connection with Saturn indications are that government may give further any instructions for the appeasement of certain community.

Utilization of vigilance agencies is good for the public if used to encounter terrorist activities; we may see some activities in coming days.

Within next 72 Hrs. there may be some movement in petroleum industry and public may have to be affected.

New political alliances may come openly in few days, equations are developing. Since, Rahu is also indirectly involved, so possibilities of some hidden relationships are also possible. If these hidden relationships are political then no harm, but if some hidden relationships related to terrorist activities then may harm nation.

Sate related agitation may further continue and public has to suffer because of political activities related to this disturbance.

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