Daily Prediction : Disturbance related to States | Disturbing conditions from Border

Daily Forecast India – October 7th, 2013

Disturbance related to States | Disturbing conditions from Border

Transit Mars is afflicting ascendant lord Venus, in seventh house, this situation may create situations like war or at times war, but this may give upper hand to India, but at present some local disturbances, lord of states is in between Saturn and Rahu conjunction, so situation related to states may further go down on 08-10-2013.

Cabinet may be further losing their superiority because of some reason, because Saturn will be defeated in planetary war in the later part of the day.

Saturn is further indicating some more natural calamities related to water or agitations or some more terrorist attacks etc. Vigilance may give indications but due to political reasons or some other reasons or religious reasons ignorance may hurt by agitation or terrorist attacks.

These terrorist activities may hurt any part of the earth, inclusive of Pakistan or Muslim nations.

After a week or so, cabinet will further be losing their strength, some political person may try to gain out of this situation (may be from ruling party). Other political parties are not strong enough to take benefits of this situation.

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