Daily Forecast : Possibility of Natural Calamity | Man-made calamity

Daily Forecast India – October 4th, 2013

Possibility of Natural Calamity | Man-made calamity

Mars has entered in last degrees in this sign, and fourth phase of Ashlesha nakshtra in the house of neighbour, indicating troubles with border is increased. Saturn and Rahu are within one navmansha and Mars is giving aspect indicating troubles related to natural calamity, situations for terrorist attack etc.

Next 72 hours, possibility of weather disturbance and natural calamities are possible – throughout world (this will include earth quakes etc.).

New political equations & alliances will be seen in coming 45 days.  War like situation may develop in coming days because Mars will give its aspect on Venus in the seventh house of India’s horoscope. Or we can say our Army will have to aggressive to deal such situation in coming days.

Leader of the nation | Cabinet will try to regain some strength (not in terms of numbers) morally. This will help to divert public’s view from Scam to other issues.

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