Daily Forecast India : Positive period for Leader of Nation

Daily Forecast India – October 2nd, 2013

Positive period for Leader of Nation

Venus lord of national leader, cabinet and ascendant will move to Scorpio sign. Venus will come out of conjunction of Saturn and Rahu. Importantly Lord of the nation will also come out of the house of disturbance, scam and national debts (at least for the month of October 2013). Lord of the nation has come out of affliction of any planet and giving strength to the ascendant means to the nation. This position may continue till 30-10-2013. This situation will start after 14:59 Hrs (IST) on 02-10-2013.

Concern of the issue is alliances will support Leader of the nation, but affliction will come again from alliances after 05-10-2013 on the leader of the nation, but leader of the nation will continue to give strength to the nation till 30-10-2013.

I must say, that this situation does not means that common man of the nation will have better period or comfort, because lord of their house is in conjunction with Saturn and Rahu. Employees, political persons and intellectuals will face some disturbances or issues. Few leaders of opposition or political parties may have to face tough stand of judiciary and some problem with Vigilance or such agencies.

Exchange of fire and infiltration on borders may be under control after 05-10-2013.

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