Astrology Prediction : Query by Suresh Agarwal, from Nawalgarh (India)

Name : Suresh Agarwal
Date of Birth : 16-09-1990
Time of Birth : 00:15 Hrs (IST)
Place of Birth : Nawalgarh (India)
Query : Sir, I have Gajkesari yog in my horoscope. I want to know that whether this yoga is powerful?. I have not seen any special effect of this till my life. Pls, tell me When I will get good effect of this yoga.

I am really glad to know that you are perusing MBA and so keen in astrology that you are learning or trying to grab knowledge of Astrology. But you should not forget that if your Gajkesari yog is in the house of finance then your entire focus is for money. This money you will get but for that you have to focus on your study.
At present you are deviating your mind from your goal.
1. Gemini ascendant and ascendant is afflicted by Saturn and is in paapkartari yog.
2. Ascendant lord Mercury is retrograde and afflicted by Mars. So, my suggestion is to enjoy your life, money is important but not as important that always you will think or talk about money, how to get money, what about inherited property or money, or what about dowry etc.
3. Your Gaj-Kesari yog is in the house of finance but in the axis of Ketu-Rahu. Always you will be thinking of money and money, you will run after money and then you will say “how will I get money”.
Change your attitude and focus on study.

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