Share Market : Nifty downfall to continue

Daily Forecast – Share Market – October 1st, 2013

Nifty downfall to continue

Rahu and Saturn are again important along with Lord of share market – Mercury. Jupiter is giving aspect on Mercury, indicating that possibilities are that volatility or some upward movement but then again negative zone. I will not prefer to carry position for 03-10-2013, because Venus will be changing its sign on 02-10-2013.

It’s a time for fertilizer or agriculture, pharmaceuticals, few banks, insurance segments, but I will not prefer to enter in financial or banking sector, because situation is not good. Aviation, IT and communication Industry may do better.

Hotel Industry, Transport and media may perform better.

Import export related industry can be good; Petroleum Industry may trade in negative zone.

Possibility of some change of trend after 12:59 Hrs (IST), foreign market may affect this market and trend.


Indian Rupee may trade in negative zone.

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