Share Market : Volatility to continue with Negative trend

Daily Forecast – Share Market – September 30th, 2013

Volatility with Negative trend

Eight out of nine planets are linked with Rahu, indications are sudden changes or Volatility in Nifty and overall market position. Since, sixth house is involved heavily, indications are that Pharmacy, Hospital, eatables and fertilizer etc. may do better or in the lime light or Vehicles related to agriculture may be in comfortable position.  Communication, IT, Transport, export-import related, Aviation and Hotel Industry may also be better.

This Volatility may further give a direction for the lower trading trend. Since, Rahu is involved, I shall not be relying on this market, because Rahu can give deceive at any time, so be watchful. It can be because of man-made or any reason related to foreign related activities.


Government is trying hard to improve position of Indian Rupee, without improving inflation and production, so I do not see any major upward trend in Indian Rupee, rather downfall may continue not fast fall, but will be in down trend.


Silver may be positive.

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