Daily Forecast India – Indian Judiciary | Milestone

Daily Forecast India – September 30th, 2013

Indian Judiciary | Milestone

8 planets out of nine planets are placed, conjunct or connected with the lord of Scam and Judiciary, in the house of cattle with the lord of political parties, and cabinet ministry/leader of nation.

I feel that Judiciary may give some important decision on the leaders of political party/parties related to scam/cattle etc. Eighth house lord Jupiter is giving aspect on the Judiciary and scams, indications are some unexpected decision, Ketu from the house of imprisonment and transiting through the Nakshtra of Venus lord of nation, is giving indications that possibility of imprisonment is strong. Moon is also transiting from the Nakshtra of Saturn, lord of Judiciary, indicating that Judiciary may give some strong decision for such cases/scams etc.

Since, eighth planets are connected with Rahu and Saturn in sixth house (house of disturbance) is indicating that possibilities of unrest in the related areas are possible. Public may come out for agitation etc.

Regarding leader of the nation, it’s a tough time, because he is facing aspect from eighth house, and opposition and statements maligning his reputation.

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