Time to book Profit

Daily Forecast – Share Market – September 27th, 2013

Time to book Profit

Except Sun, ruler of cabinet every planet is involved with Rahu-Saturn conjunction and sixth house, indicating that some unknown reasons are important in the market. 8 planets out of 9 planets are directly or indirectly involved with Rahu-Saturn conjunction and national debts, inflation & unemployment etc. Mars from foreign related issues is also afflicting this conjunction. This situation is for Volatility, down trend of nifty because lord of Share house and Banks/financial institutions etc. is in conjunction with Rahu.

I believe this situation is not natural. This can be man-made situation or some sudden issue may come to lime light in coming days, which may hurt sentiment of the market. I will prefer to go for profit booking.


Indian Rupee has improved its position, but this is not because of Indian economy, this situation might be improved due to some foreign related issue or some other reason which has nothing to do with Indian economics. I still believe that Indian Rupee may go down.

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