New announcements for the employees is expected soon

Daily Forecast India – September 26th, 2013

New announcements for the employees is expected soon

Government may come up with some new laws or announce related to insurance, provident funds or such related schemes etc. If government will announce further hike in petroleum related products or anything related to petroleum, with in next 72 Hrs. then it will not be a matter of surprise for me.

Government may use some hidden methods to check political parties. Foreign related matter may affect our security of documentation, and probably may hurt from web area/cyber area, because Mars lord of foreign lands is placed in the house of communication, cyber, IT, media or related field may harm area of documentation.

Exchange of fire, arms and ammunition, terrorist activities or equivalent activities (may be related to foreign lands) may harm public and nation. Although Vigilance is keeping a watch on such activity, but possibilities are strong.

Some pact with foreign lands may be in the news soon, but that may affect common man and may affect image of leader of the nation.

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