Possibility of calamities & New issues related to Documentation

Daily Forecast India – September 25th, 2013

Possibility of calamities & New issues related to Documentation

Ascendant lord is in conjunction with Saturn and Rahu as well with the lord of public/political persons, indicating that government will try to do something (may be bills or ordinance) related to check judiciary, public may adversely be betrayed for the sake of politicians. Government may also introduce some law or may act for the appeasement of certain people, which may be harmful for the long run of the nation.

Government’s difference of opinion or some disputes related to Armed forces or some internal (hidden) policies may come out or may be in the public domain or some documents (secrets) may be disclosed or leak by someone, which may cost nation or for integrity is further expected. So, importance of documentation part is important. All data must be properly kept; some issue related to leakage or missing may come to lime light.

As warned for the natural calamities on 24-09-2013, globally earth quakes were reported, time is still on for weather disturbance as well natural calamities or man-made calamities.

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