Be watchful while giving statements related to national interest

Daily Forecast India – September 24th, 2013

Be watchful while giving statements related to national interest

Moon is transiting from ascendant of natal chart of India and in exalted sign. Whereas ascendant lord is afflicted because of Saturn-Rahu conjunction and aspect from Mars and eighth house lord Jupiter. These positions are indicating that Government or leader of the nation is not in a comfortable position.

Mars lord of army general and lord of seventh house of natal chart indicating means immorality or some issues related to hidden matters and land acquisition related matter in which government or related person(s) are involved may hurt government or leading personality of the nation or leader of the nation.

Jupiter from the house of voice is indicating that government and related persons or influential persons must take care while giving any statements, because this may disturb harmony and national integrity.

Rahu-Saturn conjunction with ascendant lord and aspect from important planets Jupiter and Mars are indicating that Riots, blasts or anti-national activities etc are possible. National debt position, public distribution system, production and unemployment are important issues, poisonous activities may also hurt nation.

Natural calamities and man-made calamities are possible in next 72 hours.

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