Low phase of Economy

Daily Forecast India – September 23rd, 2013

Low phase of Economy

Seven Planets are directly or indirectly connected with Rahu, ascendant lord and Saturn, these planets are influencing sixth house of the natal chart of India. Saturn and Rahu are now increasing their distances, so malefic effect of closeness of Saturn and Rahu will start reducing. This will affect inflation, national debts, Public distribution system, storage of food, scams, downfall in production and insecurity among workers or employees.

I feel that inflation, riots or some other violent activity may hurt the nation. Leader of the nation may directly or indirectly affect sentiment of nation or it’s not a good time for the leader of nation (for image or otherwise). Judiciary may pin point some issues related to the leader of the nation or government of the nation.

Riots and violence may be a global issue in recent days.

Disturbance in weather or other natural calamities are expected in next 72 hours.

In coming time trouble for public as well for opposition parties, because lord of house will move in the conjunction of Rahu and Saturn etc. Economic condition of nation may face further issues and fall of Rupee may be seen in coming days.

Disturbance on boarder may further continue exchange of fire etc.

We may see further lower side of politics in coming days; influential persons must take care while making comments or statements.

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