Tough time ahead

Daily Forecast India – September 20th, 2013

Tough time ahead

7 planets are linked directly or indirectly with Rahu. So, influence of Rahu, Saturn and sixth house will be in the current period. Rahu is known for poisonous/poison etc. and create poison among the harmony, food, environment and industrial segment. If we see in larger scenario that it may harm our social harmony, since ascendant lord is involved, this indicates that Leader of the nation may spoil his credibility further or losing his faith or creating problems for the mass. Public distribution system can give some burning issues in coming days.

Terrorist activities or activities at par with terrorist activities may hurt the nation.

Jupiter being eighth house lord is giving aspect on ascendant lord, Rahu and Saturn from the house of voice/speech etc. Indicating that due to some speech or statement or comments may further hurt or ignite communal harmony. Leading personalities must be careful while give statement or participating on media etc.

I feel credit policy related to the industries may not be according to the expectations, production may further go down and loss of job is indicated in coming days.

Rahu is also indicating that due to betrayal either by government or by leader of nation, emotion of the nation can be disturbed, because Moon is also connected by this Rahu (indirectly).

Exchange of fire on border may further continue.

In coming days Judiciary may further give some important verdict, may be after 25-09-2013, which may give some message to the political persons or some political person may be involved. Since Venus is involved so possibility is that the leader of nation may be indirectly pointed out or government etc.

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