Kundali of Narendra Modi

Kundali of Narendra Modi

Scorpio ascendant and lord Mars is in its own house of ascendant with Mahadasha lord Moon. During Previous Mahadasha and Anterdasha sequence, it was Moon+Mars and both have behaved like Mahadasha lord and behaved like ascendant lord. This combination had given him great success in Assembly elections of Gujrat in 2012.

Currently, Narendra Modi is passing through Madasha of Moon and Anterdasha of Rahu – Moon is in ascendant and Rahu in the house of Poorva Karmas and dispositor of the house is Jupiter (retrograde) placed in Kendra again forming Rajyog. This Jupiter is forming Gajkesari yog and giving aspect on Parliament and national agenda, this is also indicating that Narendra Modi is heading for Key place in Parliament.

Moon is ascendant, lord of trine (fortune house) in debilitated sign with Mars in Mooltrikone sign, so Moon is enjoying advantage of strength of ascendant lord also. Aggression in ascendant is visible, but Mars is just 0 degree and 56 mins., so is under control also. This is indicating that Narendra Modi will have enemies he can handle them comfortably. Mars is indicating that he is quick and believes quickly in decisions.

Moon-Rahu is placed at the axis of 1/5, results will be available but after some disturbance. Smoothness of results can be seen by the end of October 2014, but this does not means that in current period he will not achieve, situation is indicating that gains but with some disturbances. Jupiter is lord of the house where Anterdasha Rahu is placed, so Rahu will help to control conspiracy or opposition. I feel, Narendra Modi is in comfortable place but with some disturbances/hurdles, which he will be able to clear.

Narendra Modi will be able to find his friends; Rahu is in the house of public, so giving strength to him. This public support will show or better to say is showing him direction for the Parliament or centre stage of Indian politics. Lord of public house is Jupiter is giving aspect to the parliament and forming Rajyog. Time period is good and coming period from end of October 2014 will be better.

Concern issue can be his health. Anterdasha lord is exchanging aspect with eighth house lord Mercury (total combust), but in the house of gains.

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