Court decision related to women

Daily Forecast India – September 13th, 2013

Court decision related to women

Seven planets are affecting house of disturbance and lord of Judiciary, religion, blasts, or terrorist activities, or scams or national debts, national production also. Lord of Judiciary is giving aspect on female related activities/action – Moon in the house of miseries. Clear indications are that judiciary wants to give some message to take care of miseries of female. Mars is giving aspect on the house and as well on the lord of Judiciary, and Lord of judiciary is giving aspect on Mars, indicating that probably Justice for death penalty may be announced, because this combination is for killing or operation. I feel death penalty may be announced for the guilty of women related crime.

Politically, change of equations, alliances and friends are on the cards.

Border related issues are once again very important; Mars is transiting from the Nakshtra of Saturn and is exchanging aspect with Saturn. Exchange of fire and infiltration etc. are on the cards. Vigilance may be able to foil some terrorist related act.

Indian economic condition may not show any sign of relief till June 2014. National debts may further go in alarming situation and that may affect common man due to inflation.

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