New Political Partnership expected

Daily Forecast India – September 12th, 2013

New Political Partnership expected

There is exchange of Nakshtra with Political parties and relationship/Partnership and exchange of house among Moon and Mars (in transit of planets). Such position is indicating that we may see new political relationships or new indications for new political alliances or new friendships etc.

Exchange of fire or disturbance on border may increase. This can have some political relationship too for the coming election (indications are due to linkage of Mars with Moon and moon with Mercury). Six planets are influencing house of disturbance, national debt, internal disturbance etc.

Internal disturbance is still alarming, Political parties and influential persons must help to improve harmony among public, otherwise in coming days it may further increase or spread in other areas. Terrorist attack or some other disturbance may hurt nation, it’s time to be watchful.

National debt position is still alarming, for the time being Indian currency may look better than the value of 68 against one USD, but still alarming. New scam may come into lime light and that may further decline our financial position.

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