Important Decision by Judiciary

Daily Forecast India – September 11th, 2013

Important Decision by Judiciary

Mars is giving aspect on the house of Judiciary, religion, Jupiter is giving aspect on the lord of judiciary, and religion, and Moon emotion of the nation is in the house of women indicating that day will belong to Judiciary’s decision linked with women. Since, Mars is involved in decision, so decision of judiciary may be on the side of aggression or linked with maximum penalty (may be death).

Second important point is Religious point of view – everyone has to be watchful his/her language and tone while giving any statement. This will avoid tension among public and will help to maintain harmony.

Exchange of aspect of Mars and Saturn is indicating tension and further exchange of fire or infiltration activities on border area. It is a time to be alert and take care of our border areas. Even small nations may try to give tension on border or may try to infiltrate.

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