Influential persons -While giving speech or at debate be careful

Daily Forecast India – September 10th, 2013

Influential persons -While giving speech or at debate be careful

Lord of public is placed in its own house, but in between Political persons, rulers, government machinery, religious and Parliamentary matters. Strong public is disturbed by all these issues. Government is not in a position to control issues. Political will is not indicated and any proper support is also not visible for public, because lord of public is in Paapkartari.

Government is aware that such issues will divert public from main issues of inflation, corruption and poor governance. Similarly, border issues are very important for the nation, exchange of fire and other related issues are alarming, because Mars is placed in the house of neighbors and border and exchanging aspect with Saturn.

Main focus of the planets is in the house of disturbance, public agitation, riots, terrorist activities and strike etc. It’s a time to take care while giving any statement and speech or debates organized by media.

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